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Nubiola Increases its UMB Manufacturing Capacity

Nubiola Inorganic Pigments has successfully finalized the expansion of its global Ultramarines manufacturing capacity.

NUBIOLA makes strides with Chrome Sulfate!

The Nubiola Group is going to increase Chrome Sulfate production!

Andina Paint, Lima - 2007 Andina Paint, Lima - 2007

STAR (Andine Coatings Technicians Association) and FSCT (The Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology) organized the VIII Congress and Exhibition Andina Paint 2007 held last April in Lima, Perú; there was a participation of 11 different countries and more than 130 technicians in the academia program. Nubiola Colombia was present, sharing a booth with Unitrade (local distributor) and a lecture on the Non Toxic Nubirox range was giving during the Academic Program.

5th European additives and color conference 2007

This event is the most important technical conference in Europe on Additives&Colors for Plastics (organized by SPE Europe in Luxembourg). Nubiola gave a presentation on Nubiperf FCP: “Ultramarine Blues specifically designed to be fully organoleptically safe when used in food and cosmetics packaging”.
The presentation was voted as the favourite one by the attendees, ahead of some of the leading suppliers of the Plastics industry e.g. BASF, Clariant, Ciba, Dupont, Degussa. This positive feedback from the audience is further proof of the high interest of the market for this new generation of Ultramarine Blues.

Interlakokraska 2007 Interlakokraska 2007

Nubiola was present at the Interlakokraska exhibition in Moscow from 12 to 15 March, giving commercial and technical support to IMCD Russia, our local distributors, who provided a 30 sqm booth which Nubiola shared with other European principals they represent, such as Shin Etsu (Tylose) or Wacker.
A significant number of local coatings in producers and others coming from bordering republics visited the stand showing interest mainly in two product ranges: Nubicoat and Nubirox. Due to the fact that Russia has a huge demand for classic anticorrosive pigments, the focus was on the modified Nubirox types.

Rompaint 2007 Rompaint 2007

Nubiola Romania attended Rompaint for the fifth time, the most specialized event in the Romanian coatings industry. At this 2007 edition the organizers offered 1,000 sqm of exhibition space. There were 24 exhibitors from 14 different countries and 1,400 visitors – half of which were technicians. Unfortunately the interest shown by paint producers to exhibit has steadily been decreasing; lately they prefer to visit only. Indeed many customary participants were missing, such us Arnaud, Degussa, Eurochim, Netzsch.

Nubiola’s booth stood out prominently at the Fair – most of the exhibitors said they liked I the most. Many of the Romanian, Moldavian and Czech visitors to our booth showed interest in our Nubirox range (FR, 106, 213) and our Ultramarine Blue Nubicoat, specifically designed for the coatings industry.

AMI’s Thermoplastics Concentrate Conference 2007 AMI’s Thermoplastics Concentrate Conference 2007

The Thermoplastics Concentrate Conference held in Phoenix last February was designed to provide an ideal forum for industry professionals to meet and discuss issues relevant to them.  Nathan Karszes (Technical Manager, Nubiola USA) gave the first lecture of the year about Nubiperf FCP “Ultramarine Blues specifically designed to be fully organoleptically safe when used in food and cosmetics packaging”. Nubiola’s US team was present also with a Table Top which received a lot of visitors.

Nubiperf FCP Conferences Nubiperf FCP Conferences

Our plan to communicate the launch of the new Nubiperf FCP range (Ultramarine Blues for a wide range of sensitive to Odor and Taste Plastics applications) is on the way. Apart from the kick-off at SPE CAD-RETEC, presented by Alex Capuz (Global Marketing Manager), the presentation at “Emissions and Odours from Materials 2006” (Brussels, Belgium, Oct’06) given by Ricard March (PhD Inorganic Chemistry) and the presentation given at The Chinese Masterbatch Association by Danny He (Sales Area Manager –Southern China), we are going to be present at:


- Thermoplastics Concentrates 2007 (19th-21st Feb’07, Phoenix, USA). Nathan Karszes (Plastics Application Manager, Nubiola USA) will present the paper.


- 5th Additives and Colours Conference (14th-15th Mar’07, Luxembourg), organized by SPE for European customers. Alex Capuz (Global Marketing Manager) will give the lecture.


We are still evaluating the feasibility to also do this presentation at other reference events in some other key territories.

We recommend you do not miss the chance to attend to any of these events!

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