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Masterbatch Asia 2018

Name: Masterbatch Asia 2018 Address:
Inital Date: 08/03/2018 / Final Date: 09/03/2018 Do not miss our conference, "“Latest developments on cool bluish blacks”: presented by our Global Marketing Manager. Singapore, March 08-09.

Conference Latest developments on cool bluish blacks
Days March, 8
Hours 16.30
Speaker Ravichandran Palanivelu-Regional Business Manager-Color solutions (Asia Pacific)

Latest developments on cool bluish blacks

Black plastic parts/surfaces colored with Carbon Black pigments absorb NIR (Near Infrared) wavelengths from the sun leading to heat build-up. Depending on the substrate and the use of those black plastic parts, such heat build-up can contribute to:

1) increase energy consumption in cases like exterior building;

2) reduce service life of heat-sensitive polymers e.g PVC, PS;

3) put at risk the health and safety of consumers in contact with those parts because of their exposure to potential burnings e.g. PP auto dashboards.

High NIR reflectance black Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICP) are the pigments of choice to prevent this from happening. However their use in the plastics industry is highly conditioned by 2 factors:

1) the brownish undertone they provide, that might negatively affect the black plastic parts’ aesthetics;

2) the higher cost of coloration resulting from their use.

This paper presents the latest findings in the field of making more aesthetically attractive, black plastic parts/surfaces at a more affordable cost whilst maintaining the requested “cool” performance.

Link http://www.ami.international/Events/Resources/Programme/Masterbatch_Asia_18_programme.pdf

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